Who We Help

“We are the Houston go to company for brands that want to “Reduce” their waste” We can help brands that are focused on achieving higher CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) outcomes. If your brand handles a considerable amount of plastic material due to your daily operations, you are aligned to capitalize from our services. Prospective clients will be brands that have high traffic volumes from retail sales, a company that services guests for days on end or a brand that depends on their real estate portfolio to maintain a high level of occupancy.

General Idea

Here At Reduce Waste we want our clients to have the ability to capture as much of the value within their waste production by utilizing a circular economy concept strategy by collection, processing and disbursing material back into the plastic manufacturing industry.

The increasing urban population, rapid industrialization, growing concern toward the environmental impact of the improper disposal of plastic waste, along with laws & regulations regarding disposal and treatment of plastic waste, have propelled the growth of the global post-consumer recycled plastics market.